Eternal mind of the spotless sunshine


Me. Simple, yet complicated. Extrovert. Great talker and smiling most of the time. Truthful. I open up with anyone I consider a friend. Cuddler. Nothing is better than the human touch. Tranquil. Nothing bothers me except injustice and lies. Pacifist. Everyone thinks there’s a fighter in this dumbass here. Cancer. The disease, not the sign. Been there, done that. The world ain’t a bed of roses. Actor. I act every single day of my life, without ever being untrue to myself. Englishman. My homeland is there and here. Confused. Don’t know what’s to become of me now or even later. Viking. I’m a nordic luso-german. Confident. I trully believe in myself. Egomaniac. I love me dearly and find myself gorgeous. Imperfect. Infinite flaws. Reader. I read fervously in order to feel cultured. Listener. I love being my friend’s  confidant. I love dishing out advice, trying to pass the little knowledge I’ve managed to acquire over the eons. Know it all. I’m always sure I know more than I really do about any given subject. Rich. Rich of friends, loved ones, songs. Musician. Always in search of the perfect chord. Singer. My happiness comes from using my voice. Old and new. Old soul, spanking young bod.


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