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Gaiman, the prophet
August 18, 2009, 5:17 pm
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Neil Gaiman has produced some of the best literature I’ve read. I’m an avid reader of his blog, and as of today, obviously because I’m using Firefox today, am now following him on twitter.

One of his great novels is ‘Stardust’. Two worlds intertwined where a young lad ventures into weird lands and meets up with a star that has fallen and is, specially if you take into account the movie version, very clairedanesianly gorgeous in every way.

So, in essence, it’s a story about a boy and a girl. And that girl is a star. Like, cosmic material. Not paparazzi material.

How absolutely amazing that NASA has found a building block of life, the aminoacid glycine, in a comet? Want to know how fricking amazing the discovery became to someone like me? The spacecraft’s name is ‘Stardust’.

Gaiman has recently won a Hugo for his brilliant The Graveyard Book. It’s now time for the much-coveted Nobel Prize.


August 7, 2009, 1:04 am
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Ever since the beginning of this whole twittering saga we are all so dearly trying to accomplish, I have found myself deeply regretting this life I have chosen for myself.

For you find yourself in need of saying the shittiest things to all those who follow you. As a means to provoke your popularity in ways not normally found. I think that’s the ticket for twitter.

The little bird freaks me out now.

Sometimes I want to say something worthwhile. The time never comes. So I say anything that’s happening at the moment I twit. Fucking stupid twits, they are. How can they not be?

I’m actually glad Safari is so much better to use and navigate than Firefox is – on my MacBook, at least. For I have the devilish Twitterfox. And that has kept me away from all social media for weeks.

Finding out that Safari is so much faster is a great thing. I can now rid myself of that godforsaken little ‘t’ at the bottom of the window. The place where the pointer found an irresistible urge to click and, thus!, make me want to twit.

Fucking twits. Die. Until tomorrow, when I find the urge to tell everyone my latest Fettucini Alfredo was the best I’ve ever made.

Hammers squad
August 1, 2009, 12:50 am
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This is my shot at it, done at the BBC website:


Looks way too attacking, but that’s just me.