Eternal mind of the spotless sunshine

Saturday Night
August 14, 2008, 1:41 am
Filed under: chronicles

You called me the other night. I could sense alcohol coming from the other side of the mobile phone. Yet part of me wondered whether there was enough licor to count you out of any equation. There wasn’t.

I made it to your place. It was pouring. I stayed on your doorstep, rang the bell. No one answered. Rain started to make its way sideways. The rain and wind made it very uncomfortable. All I could do was laugh.

Your family party was at an end. I could tell by the lack of talk and the ammount of noise coming from the sound system by the pool. Some people made their way out and opened the door for me. Both wondered why someone in the middle of the night would be entering the house, soaked and looking for you. Yet none of them made any attempt to stop me from going in.

I met up with your sister. She said you’d passed out on the couch. Funny thing, really. Me, making my way across town in the downpour to see you – I knew you were giddy on the juice, but never thought that much.

You awoke and made your way to the kitchen, where your sister and I stood talking. I had already called a cab to take me back home. You hugged me. Softly. Tenderly. Kissed me on my neck. Told me you were glad I was there.

I was called to your room. You made me sit beside you in bed. It felt awkward. You were drunk. You’re my dear friend. It was funny and very depressing at the same time. You showed me your leopard underwear and bra. You giggled. I’ve never found you more attractive.

The cab came and you sighed. So did I. But I couldn’t stay. Not with you like that. We ran out in the rain, you dragging me to your front door where the cab awaited. You opened the door to your house and waved hello to the cab driver, who waved back and smiled.

You took the back of my head and leaned in. We kissed a great kiss. You told me I should have stayed. Then you gently slapped me across the face and said I’d better go before you did anything stupid. I don’t think it would have been tremendously stupid. Just a little.

And it’s not because you were almost engaged to one of my best friends.


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