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The scrutiny of the american media
August 11, 2008, 2:14 pm
Filed under: politics

It always amazes me the length of the effort of the american media to ridicule and expose politicians and famous people. If baffles me that there is such a desire to ensure everyone that we’re all rotten and hopeless as a people and society. That we’re all just a bunch of hypocrites.

The latest in this the series is that John Edwards cheated on his wife. The all-american good-hearted suburban-loving whizz kid is a cheater. Boo fucking hoo.

So the good-looking bloke from the south is a bonafied adulterer. Well, we’ve seen cases of cigars in genitalia and nice chaps being harrassed in public bathrooms. Where does the humiliation end?

Is the media really designed to show the worst in people all the time? The thing for me is that we’re all a bunch of crazy hypocrites anyway. Everyone’s got enough skeletons in their respective closets to make John Romero jealous. Why must we all expose the famous to the ridicule of nationally televised appologies?

And then there’s the wife thing. The poor thing standing next to the wrong-doer with a resolute and sad face, telling millions and millions that ‘yes, I was cheated on. Yep, I have to stand next to him now to prove we’re united. Yeah, I’m a stupid cow.’

It all begs the question of whether the media should be allowed to dive into people’s lives like that. I for one am not against the media channeling efforts to make politicians and their prostitution rings come about to the world, but it could be done without so much fuss and, well, blatant scandalism. Not everything should come out as being an amazing end-of-the-world catastrophe.

Maybe someone cheating on someone is just, well, something to be kept in the confined space of their home and marriage. If they are to be divorced, then by all means let them. But this whole circus act that is the american media vomiting these informations makes personal decisions like this an almost assured falsity.

Wives of politicians can’t divorce their cheating husbands. It will look bad. Oooooh, the horror of the opinion of the masses. Of the religious. Of the conservatives. The same masses who, day in and day out perform the exact same scandalous behaviours yet are not under public scrutiny and therefore can sit afront the television and curse at the ‘sinners’ who make public statements in regards to their private endeavours.

In Brazil the more you’re involved in scandals, especially of the white collar type, the more likely you are of making friends and getting re-elected. After all, your name is in the media all the time. People will remember you. Throw in a good PR manager, a great publicist and *bam!* you’ve got yourself many more years of the good, public life ahead of you – full of whores, money laundering and fresh new political allies.

Ian Williams of The Guardian has written a great short text on the matter.


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